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  • What is an IBCLC?
    IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. It is the highest level of certification and considered the gold standard for dealing with breastfeeding concerns, and education surrounding breastfeeding. It is important when seeking breastfeeding support that if your challenge is complex, you ensure your provider is an IBCLC. Anyone can call themselves a "lactation consultant", and there are other certifications that offer breastfeeding support for less complex breastfeeding issues. Education Behind Lactation Certifications: IBCLC: Takes anywhere from 2-5 years to complete, 90 hours of lactation specific education, 1000 hours of hands on clinical hours, and a 4 hour board exam. Requires recertification every 5 years by exam or 75 hours of continuing education Certified Lactation Counsellor: 45+ hours of education from 1 online or in person class. Requires 18 hours of continuing education every 3 years. Certified Lactation Educator: 45 hours of education from 1 online or in person class. Recertification varies or does not expire.
  • What issues can you help with?
    I can help with anything breastfeeding related from pregnancy, through to weaning. Common issues that I offer support with are: Painful latch, nipple damage, clogged ducts/mastitis, blebs or milk blisters, low milk supply, slow weight gain, breast refusal, weaning from nipple shields, pumping and bottle feeding. I have an additional 35 hours of training in oral tethers (tongue, lip and buccal ties) and oral habilitation (oral exercises to support optimal oral function). If you are unsure if I can support you with your specific concern, please reach out to me!
  • Is support OHIP covered?
    At this time my services are not OHIP covered.
  • Do benefit plans cover consultations?
    Unfortunately many benefit plans do not cover private IBCLC consultations. Some benefit plans will cover consultations and/or a breast pump, talk to your benefit provider to see what you are eligible for. If your benefit provider does not cover lactation support, hold on to your receipt so that you can claim my services as a health expense on your taxes.
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