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What to expect

Preparing for a consultation

I want preparing for your consult to be as easy and stress free as possible. Here are some things you can do to prepare, and what you can expect


  • Please complete intake forms, you will get these by email

  • Try to avoid feeding baby in the 1 hour prior to the consultation. If baby is very hungry, just offer a short feed so that I can hopefully witness a feed during the consultation.

  • Make a list of questions you have

  • Expect the consultation to take place where you spend your most time nursing (living room, bedroom, nursery)

  • Older siblings are welcome to be present. I recommend setting up an activity to keep them entertained.


  • I will arrive within 30 minutes of our scheduled appointment time

  • I will wash or sanitize my hands on arrival

  • We will sit and chat about what has been going on, depending on the consultation I will weigh baby prior to feeding.

  • I may lay baby on a flat surface to complete a full body structure and oral assessment

  • I may examine your breasts

  • I will aim to observe a feeding. Sometimes this doesn't happen during the consult and we can troubleshoot with pictures and videos over a secure chat platform if a feeding cannot be observed

  • We will talk about the care plan


  • I will send you a written care plan later that day

  • I will send you an invoice

  • We can continue to communicate as needed for the 2 weeks of email support included in the consultation. I try to touch base but please reach out if your problems are not resolving.

  • I check emails just once a day. I am usually in consultations throughout business hours, so my responses to emails are typically between 12:30-1:30pm or after 7pm. If you have any urgent concerns, please contact your primary health provider.

Please do not

Please do not clean your house, or feel the need to get ready. I am here to make your life easier, not more stressful!

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