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How to Prepare
for your appointment



  • Please complete intake forms (check junk mail) and make a Practice Better account. This allows us to communicate securely before and after the consult

  • Try to avoid feeding baby 1 hour prior to consult. If needed, try and do a short feed, just enough to satisfy your baby

  • Make a list of questions you have

  • Expect the consultation to take place where most feedings occur (nursery, bedroom, etc.)

  • Have pump parts available if you have questions regarding your pump

  • Please do not clean your house! Trust me, I don't care about the state of your space



  • I will arrive within 30 minutes of our appointment time

  • We will go over feeding concerns. Depending on concern, a weight may be done prior to feed 

  • I may lay baby on a flat surface and do a full body assessment

  • I may examine your breasts

  • I aim to observe a feeding. Sometimes this does not happen, and I can get more information from photos/videos sent via secure chat platform after consultation

  • Have optimistic but realistic expectations. Some challenges can be solved in one visit, but often times it takes hard work, patience and time to solve a complicated breastfeeding issue. I try my best to improve things for you right away, but following a detailed care plan after I leave is usually how things improve

  • Please tell me if anything is uncomfortable, physically or emotionally. I will ask during the consultation but please let me know if you are experiencing discomfort

  • We will come up with a care plan for you

  • I will send an invoice and require payment at the end of the consultation



  • I will email you a written care plan

  • If you have questions or need clarification of the care plan, you can contact me via Practice Better Messaging (encrypted & secure) or by email/text (not secure)

  • I check emails/messages when I can, but I am often in consults during business hours. At times I won't be able to respond until the evening or following business day. If you have an urgent concern, please connect with your primary care provider

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