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I offer breastfeeding support both in home and virtually. I can provide assistance with common breastfeeding challenges such as: painful latch, nipple damage, slow weight gain, breast refusal, weaning from nipple shield and oral ties


Hi, I'm Sam

I am a Lactation Consultant & Nurse in Stratford, ON. I have a decade of experience in perinatal nursing, and since 2019 I have had a focus in infant feeding support. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I have the highest level of certification in lactation education. I help troubleshoot your breastfeeding issues, and make a plan to guide you to meet your feeding goals. I do home consultations in Stratford, Ontario and surrounding areas, as well as in clinic consultations in Exeter, Ontario at A1 Chiropractic Health and Wellness.

This is my Home Visit radius, travel outside of this area is subject to additional travel fees. Please provide address for exact pricing. 





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